About us - Who is the Gräfliche Castell Home?

The Gräfliche Castell Home GmbH operates according to the quality standards of their long family heritage in traditional craftsmanship. Since our inception, Castell Home stands for functionality and timelessness offering state-of-the art equipment for the modern kitchen.


Leaping forward into the future we endeavor to further our functional and timeless cooking tools for the culinary world, to offer an enhanced gourmet culture. Our high quality cooking equipment, hand crafted in Germany provides enjoyment for every level of skill in the kitchen - from hobby to professional chefs.


The Gräflich Castell'sche Delicatessen based in Allgäu in Southern Bavaria is best known for producing and manufacturing the finest seafood delicacies. Since November 2014 you can also enjoy our fish specialties in our Castell Delicatessen Fish-Shop-Bistro in Kaufbeuren and also discover the full range of Castell Home cooking equipment.    


Please also visit the online store under www.deli-castell.de.